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Hemali's Edupark is an kid's educational set up rendering skill enrichment courses to children and Workshops for parents on numerous topics linked to kids and life. It's a place where on the whole development of a child is taken care of. The Founder Mrs. Hemali Gada who is a successful Licensed TLC trainer, Counselor, Columnist and Curriculum Designer had started up with a very small library for kids in December, 2003 under the name of 'TOYLAND LIBRARY'. With an ongoing increase and achievement, library started escalating and came up with the brand name called, 'Kidos Library' in August 2008 as a division of Hemali's Edupark, a skill enhancing institute.

KIDOS LIBRARY is the widespread toy library of its kind for children. With a collection of over 10,000 books and toys in different categories, Kidos library has earned the distinction of being the largest toy library in Mumbai. It focuses on skill development of children. The products give an extra edge to the child's whole brain development and intensification of multiple intelligence. Along with academics enhancing products Kidos library also possesses a wide variety of products which heightens life skills like concentration, memory, observation, problem solving, decision making, creativity and imagination. It promises to bring about a remarkable difference in child's skills within 6 months of consistent and appropriate use.

With such a spectacular experience of about 9 years in the field of games and Flashcards and also considering the valuable feedback from our loyal customers for the concepts we have drawn and the exposure their child received has highly motivated us to come to the conclusion to manufacture our own range of games and Flashcards. With all the research & development, trials & errors we have established our own Manufacturing Brand "Mind -Wealth" in the year of 2012 where for the preliminary startup we have arrived with three categories i.e. Dominoes game, Memory Match-up games and Flashcards in which we have different topics to offer to our clientele.

The way we expanded our library and became the biggest of its kind, we now have the faith & confidence to excel the Mind Wealth in the same way that we see ourselves in the future and with mission to reach about 100+ SKUs and rule the market of games and Flashcards.